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Friday, September 4, 2009

Cheesy Veggie and Ramen Noodle Delight

Cheesy Veggie and Ramen Noodle Delight

This is the way I like it.

2 - packages ramen noodles
½ - cup carrots
½ - cup celery
¼ - cup of onions
½ - cup “whatever veggies you have or like”
1 - cup cheese chunks

1. Bring water to boil
2. Add veggies
3. Then add ramen
4. Add 1 seasoning packet
5. Cook till noodles break up
6. Then drain in strainer
7. Sprinkle second packet on noodles
8. Mix and add just a touch of water to help blend
9. Finally, add cheese chunks and serve.

It becomes a cheesy veggie and noodle delight. No soup.

Eat up and enjoy,

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